Let’s be real, we don’t always like the font choices that we get on certain programs. When you’re designing something, “arial” won’t always cut it. Sometimes you want a font that will really stand out to consumers. Then you have the thought “I wish I could find cool fonts somewhere.” Well do I have good news for you! There are sites where you can get free fonts just by hitting download. Let’s look at the first one that I ever discovered, Google Fonts (

Google Fonts has 848 font families to choose from so you could spend hours looking for the perfect one, but you can begin to easily filter through them depending on what you want. You can choose from Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, and Monospace. Then you can narrow it down even more by clicking the “trending” button and/or the “language” button. Google Fonts is pretty easy to use, but there are certainly other sites out there to choose from.

Let’s look at As soon as you open the page there are awesome fonts on display. Some are bold, some are cursive, and some look really graphic. You can filter all of the fonts down by selecting options on the side. Similar to Google Fonts, you can look through a lot of fonts; but contrasting to Google fonts, Font Squirrel is a lot more attractive at first glance.

So when designing font websites, you have to make sure to design it to display the coolest fonts on the front page, or else people won’t want to go any further to find cool fonts! Just like Google search, no one goes past the front page of searches.