Rolling Stone versus Billboard

I took two reputable music industry sites and set them side by side to compare. Using Billboard and Rolling Stone, I started by looking at their landing pages to see how easy to use and welcoming they were. Then I looked at their color schemes, layouts, and how intrigued I was by each site.


Naturally, both sites were bombarded with articles on music and whatever is happening lately in the music industry. Honestly, they’re both sort of busy to me and they both reminded me of magazine layouts. The trending magazine layouts these days are much cleaner and straight forward, usually with scrolling pictures and bright colors everywhere. To a young reader, neither of these websites would keep their attention easily. Unfortunately, millennials need to be attached to the page in two seconds to keep eyes on the site.


Both have brighter themes and actually looked very similar. Next I scrolled down both sites and I found myself scanning the articles that were on display on Once I realized that I was spending time on Rolling Stone and not Billboard, I looked at them both again and tried to decide why. In my humble opinion, Rolling Stone was simply less busy. had busy ads on the side, small headlines, and just looked less appealing to me.