Restaurants Web Design

W hen you run a food website you want things to be appealing to a customer. Too often we walk into grimey restaurants or places that don’t look welcoming. Well the website that represents the restaurant needs to be just as appealing as the restaurant itself. For this post, I’m taking two websites and comparing them to discuss the pros and cons of each.

For myself personally, if I go to a restaurants website that means I want to find their hours, location, and especially their menu. So let’s take the website for Rasika Restaurant, a Modern Indian restaurant. This is their home screen:

That’s it! Just their logo, an image that doubles with a slide show, locations, and that’s it. At first glance it’s kind of deterring because the locations are in a random window and it’s not intuitive to click around to find any information on the restaurant. But, if you do find yourself in the menu under each location, you can find their menu, reviews, and contact information. Once you get through that trouble, you can easily maneuver around and do basic restaurant website-like things.

As for the second website, The Splendid Table, they have an abundance of articles and recipes to read, which keeps my attention for much longer than Rasika did.

Immediately the reader is greeted with big images and bold text that grab attention. As you scroll you can subscribe to their newsletter, you can watch featured videos, and there are categories to look through for recipes. Granted, the page gets a little busy with overloaded and busy photos all over the place, but they get the point across that they have a lot of information to look through.

When you compare the two websites, it is apparent which one has more resources. Unfortunately, the Rasika website appears that they only care about customers getting their location right off the bat. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t keep my attention for that long. The Splendid Table just has much more to offer.