Image Composition

Image composition is about making your photos or graphics appear in the most pleasing way to the viewer. I have compiled a list of strategies to follow so you can create your best photos.


One thing to take into consideration for image composition is the rule of thirds, where the main object isn’t necessarily in the middle. Most cameras and phones have an option to turn the grid function on when you take a photo, which can help you achieve this rule of thirds. It’s two lines vertically perpendicular and two lines horizontally perpendicular. Where two of the lines intersect is where the focus of the photo should be. Try it on your phone!

Another option is to put the main object right in the center of the photo. Sometimes this creates a line of vision that goes right through the photo. Or sometimes it just creates an aesthetically pleasing photo. You can sometimes also create a symmetrical photo by placing the object in the middle. You just have to look around and look at your options!

If you look at your surroundings you can be surprised at the awesome photos you could take. For example if you’re in a big city, you can use tall buildings to help line up your photos, or even help to frame your image. Take this image for example:

The building acted as a frame for the other building in the distance. This captures more than one piece of architecture and now you have a really cool looking photo!


Also, don’t be afraid to get low or up high to capture what you think would be a cool image. If you want something from an ant’s perspective, then get on the ground and do it. Or if you want something that looks like you’re at the top of a ladder, then get on a ladder and take the photo! Different perspective is an awesome way to add variety into your image composition.


At the end of the day, there are no rules to art. If you have a message you want to convey through your photography, but you have no leading lines, no rule of thirds, and no symmetry, but you feel like your message is there, then go for it.