Seeing as how I am older than 21 and one of my favorite beverages of all time is Bold Rock Hard Cider, we’re gonna discuss cider websites today. I want to cover elements on Bold Rock’s website and Old Hill Cider’s website. I want to discuss the language used, image composition, and customer service parts of the sites.


Just by looking at their logos you can see an immediate difference in styles. So let’s dig deeper.

When you enter Bold Rock’s website you are greeted by a big splash page with the Bold Rock logo front and center with video playing in the background. There is a navigation bar at the top of the page where you can click and read about the ciders, learn how to visit, and read all about Bold Rock. Once you scroll down you get buttons that can take you to finding the cider, learning about it, or visiting the cider house itself. Continue scrolling more and you get a button that can take you to a page that will display all of their cider. Following that is a mini biography and then photos at the bottom of the page. The website is very clean and to the point.

On Old Hill Ciders page you get a slideshow with a navigation bar above it. The navigation bar is a bit busier than Bold Rock’s and it consists of nine buttons, but it is very informational. As you scroll down the page you can shop their store and read more about their tasting room and gift shop.

Now that we’ve covered what the main pages contain, let’s discuss design. Bold Rock takes huge pride in being in the blue ridge mountains so there are videos and images of the apples, mountains, and where they grow the apples. Additionally colors are natural and not hard on the eyes. Old Hills page is red and black and that color scheme immediately makes it look less inviting than Bold Rock. The images are good, seeing as they are apples, a cute dog with apples on the ground, people enjoying the cider, and even a barrel where they store the cider. Additionally, they have social media tabs that can help people stay up-to-date.

When it comes to font styles, the two sites are drastically different. Bold Rock has bold (they definitely picked bold on purpose) fonts that stick out to the reader and everything is easy to read thanks to its color contrast to the background and sizes. Old Hill has easy colors to read, but the font sizes are small and there are two to three fonts that are used that do not go well together.